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Epilepsy is NOT just SEIZURES TV Commercial

Epilepsy is NOT just SEIZURES TV Commercial

We are excited to launch our Epilepsy is NOT just SEIZURES health promotion public service announcement (PSA). Watch it below to learn that epilepsy is more than just seizures:

There are over 65 Million people living with epilepsy worldwide and they need your understanding, support and love.

Please share the PSA with your employers, family members, friends, teachers, loved ones, etc. to help raise awareness.

Please Read, Review, and Participate in These Other Initiatives:

The BC Adult Epilepsy Crisis August 2021 Report: British Columbia has a unique set of problems; the adult epilepsy crisis is a black mark on Canadian health care. Read our "The BC Adult Epilepsy Crisis August 2021 Report" here to better understand why adult epilepsy in BC needs provincial oversight and accountability through Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA).

Enact a BC Adult Epilepsy Business Plan for an Epilepsy Clinic at Royal Columbian Hospital Petition: We need you to help epilepsy patients and BC doctors by signing our petition here. We are actively collecting signatures to have adult epilepsy beds included in the $1.49 billion Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment Project. BC only has 4 adult epilepsy beds, and we need at least 12. Manitoba has 4 adult epilepsy beds and they have just over 1 million people in that Province. BC has 5.2 million people with 4 adult epilepsy beds; this disparity is what drives the adult epilepsy crisis in BC.

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