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October 23rd is SUDEP Action Day!

October 23rd is SUDEP Action Day!

SUDEP Action Day, held on October 23rdof every year, is a day that brings people, communities, and organizations together to raise awareness of SUDEP. This year’s theme is ACT, where we will Ask Questions, Communicate, and Take Action around SUDEP. BC Epilepsy Society is celebrating SUDEP Action Day this year by showing ways we can ACT to reduce risk of SUDEP!

What is SUDEP?

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) refers to death in a person with epilepsy that is not associated with any known cause of death. Each year, SUDEP occurs in approximately 1 in every 1,000 people diagnosed with epilepsy. For more information about SUDEP, click here.

How Can We ACT to Reduce Risk of SUDEP?

Epilepsy is associated with risks, which, if left unchecked, can have very serious consequences, including increased rates of SUDEP. Being aware of the risks and understanding how to reduce them is important.

Check out Ten Easy Ways we can ACT to reduce risk of SUDEP:

  1. Ask Questions about your epilepsy, your seizures and your risk of SUDEP during doctor’s visits
  2. Ask Questions about alternative treatments during doctor’s visits if your seizures are not controlled by medication so that your doctor can determine if any of them are appropriate courses of action for you
  3. Communicate with others about your seizure triggers and considerations for your safety to reduce your risk
  4. Communicate with others about your epilepsy and your seizures so that the people around you will know what to do if you have a seizure and can help you stay safe to reduce your risk
  5. Take Action to comply to the protocols for your seizure treatments, including your medications, as prescribed by your doctor and do not stop taking your medication unless advised to by your doctor
  6. Take Action to keep track of your seizures and see if any changes in your care are needed
  7. Take Action to use a seizure alert device so that you and the people caring for you will be aware when a seizure occurs and can act accordingly
  8. Take Action to get enough sleep every night
  9. Take Action to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
  10. Take Action to maximize your quality of life by being both physically and mentally healthy

How Can We Get Involved in SUDEP Action Day?

There are many easy ways to get involved in SUDEP Action Day such as:

  • Like, retweet, or share social media posts by SUDEP Action
  • Change your cover photo on Facebook or Twitter to support SUDEP Action Day
  • Promote the SUDEP Action Day infographic or poster on social media or in person
  • Share stories and/or photos about how you got involved in SUDEP Action Day on social media using the hashtags #SUDEPActionDay2018 and #ACT
  • Raise awareness of SUDEP in your community by giving out information and resources and spreading the word of why it is important to understand the risks of epilepsy, seizures and SUDEP

Follow SUDEP Action on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Learn more about SUDEP Action Day here.

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