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BC Epilepsy Joins BC Rideshare Coalition

BC Epilepsy Joins BC Rideshare Coalition

Vancouver is the largest city in remaining in North America without ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber.  As a growing city with more and more residents facing financial strain and pressures preventing residents from driving, Vancouver needs more accessible and affordable options for travel within the city.  BC Epilepsy understands the limitations those with epilepsy face, especially in terms of transportation, and advocates for those whose quality of life would improve if ridesharing was brought to BC.

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As part of this advocacy, the BC Epilepsy Society has partnered up with Ridesharing Now for BC, a coalition of businesses and organizations whose collective aim is to bring ridesharing choice to British Columbia.  Making this change will make our roads safer, give our constituents a more reliable and affordable method of transport, and result in a stronger economy and cleaner environment.  Visit Ridesharing Now for BC to write your MLA and be a voice for epilepsy.  Urge decision makers to bring ridesharing services to BC!


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