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Lecture Series & Educational Events

Each year, our Society hosts Speaking of Epilepsy, a series of lectures on a wide variety of epilepsy related topics. This allows you to get up-to-date and accurate information from experts in the field of epilepsy.


Epilepsy and Memory

The speaker is Dr. Jing Ee Tan, a Registered Psychologist with expertise in neuropsychology. (approx. 1 hour) Click here to view the presentation slides.

Genetics and Epilepsy
Dr. Michelle Demos, a neurologist specializing in genetics, presents information on genetics as it relates to epilepsy. (approx. 1 hour) Click here to view the presentation slides.
Sleep and Epilepsy
Dr. James Lee, a neurologist specializing in sleep disorders, speaks about how epilepsy could effect sleep. (approx. 1 hour) Click here to view the presentation slides.

Epilepsy Surgery
Dr. Chantelle Hrazdil, an adult neurologist specializing in epilepsy presents information on surgery options. (approx. 1 hour)

Mindfulness, Stress, and Health for Patients and Families with Epilepsy
Dr. Dzung Vo from the Department of Pediatrics at BC Children's Hospital presents ways for adults, children, and caregivers to increase their mindfulness of their mental and physical health, the potential relationship between stress and seizures, and strategies for self-care. (approx. 1 hour)

Women with Epilepsy - Part One
Women with Epilepsy - Part Two
Dr. Tiffany Townsend, an adult neurologist specializing in epilepsy presents information about hormones, menopause, pregnancy, medications, and other issues relating to women with epilepsy. (1 hour and 26 minutes)

Family Dynamics and Epilepsy - Part One - Dr. Joseph Zaide 
Family Dynamics and Epilepsy - Part Two - Dr. Audrey Ho
Family Dynamics and Epilepsy - Part Three - Susan Murphy and Rita Marchildon
Family Dynamics and Epilepsy - Part Four - Question and Answer Period with Panel Members
Dr. Joseph Zaide and Dr. Audrey Ho, a neuropsychologist and psychologist specializing in the treatment of individuals with epilepsy, along with Susan Murphy, a Registered Nurse and parent, and Rita Marchildon, a Child Life Specialist and parent discuss family dynamics while living with epilepsy. (1 hour and 24 minutes)

Developing Brains: From Learning to Life Choices
Dr. Bill Hamilton discusses the effects of epilepsy on the family. (39 minutes)

Epilepsy and Seizures 101
Dr. Linda Huh introduces parents to the basics of a life with epilepsy. (1 hour)

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