Support Forums

Listed below are websites that offer discussion forums, chat rooms, and other opportunities to allow you to share your experiences and thoughts about epilepsy.

Please note that the BC Epilepsy Society does not necessarily endorse the views or opinions expressed on these sites. Any individual using online forums should be mindful of issues of disclosure, confidentiality, and information sources. Community Forum 
An online resource to connect with others affected by epilepsy. You can read others experiences or share your own in one of the message boards or participate in a live chat.

Coping with Epilepsy 
This is a message board that provides a chance for people living with epilepsy, their families, and friends to discuss aspects of living with and coping with epilepsy.

The Tea Room 
The TEA Room is a friendly space for young people from the age of 13 to 19 years old who are undergoing diagnosis or living with epilepsy. TEA stands for "Teenage Epilepsy Agenda.” (for kids)
This is a Canadian-based internet community where kids with disabilities or illness can meet others like them, make friends from all over the world, share their hopes and fears, find role-models and mentors, and feel like they belong.

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