The BC Epilepsy Society provides education, advocacy, and support to people with epilepsy and their families.


The BC Epilepsy Society was started in 1959 by renowned pediatric neurologist Dr. Norman Auckland. His reason for doing so was his belief that the more people know about epilepsy, the more they will be able to help themselves.

We continue with his goal by providing high-quality and up-to-date educational materials and information.

Our Resource Centre includes the Dr. Norman Auckland Resource Library. This includes books, DVDs, information sheets, brochures, magazines, and newsletters. It also includes materials specifically produced for children, caregivers, teachers, women, seniors, disability support staff, and health care professionals.


We provide personal support to ensure that you get the help you need. This includes answering questions about epilepsy, and providing tips and strategies to live successfully with epilepsy.

We also provide information about health care and community support services. This includes information about the medical system, financial assistance for medical costs, driving regulations, safety planning, school support services, employment support services, legal rights, the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) benefit, and recreational programs.


Our staff advocate for the needs of people with epilepsy in a variety of ways. We can help make your voice heard. This can include providing information about self-advocacy strategies and options, developing plans for what needs to be done, and by helping gather and present information when necessary.

We also participate in provincial and federal forums to inform others about the needs that people with epilepsy have, as well as to ensure that people with epilepsy receive the medical services and care that they need.

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