Christine’s Corner

Epilepsy Medications: My Experience with Topiramate

I take the Anti-Epileptic Drug Topiramate for my Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I was prescribed it after trying two other epilepsy medications when I was 17. Within two weeks of being on Topiramate, I went from having multiple seizures a day to having occasional seizures. After a few months and dose adjustments, my epilepsy was considered […]

Easy Instant Pot Recipe: Taco Mac & Cheese

I’ve written some recipes using the Instant Pot on Christine’s Corner before because the Instant Pot is one of my favourite kitchen tools to use. It’s easy and quick and the fact that the heating elements are on the inside means that there is less chance of harming yourself while cooking. Plus, the timer makes […]

Tips for Dealing with Depression and Epilepsy

According to, depressive disorders are the most common type of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy and a study done by St George’s University in the UK  found that 1 in 4 people living with epilepsy also suffer with depression. Also, one of the most commonly discussed issues in online Facebook groups and forums […]

Why Teachers Learning about Epilepsy is Important

I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy when I was 18. However, I had epilepsy all while growing up that went undiagnosed. When I was in grade 6, I had a teacher write me up for daydreaming in class. Little did I know that those were actually absence seizures. I also started experiencing focal aware […]

Feeling Guilty for Having Epilepsy? Me Too.

When I was 17 years old and having multiple seizures a day, waiting to be diagnosed, I remember lying in bed and my mom coming in my room and lying down next to me. She told me that everything would be okay, and we would figure out what was wrong. That was the first time […]


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