Purple Day

Purple Day


Did you know that there are approximately 40,000 people in BC and 400,000 of people in Canada with epilepsy? Though this number may seem small, this means that epilepsy is more common than Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Cerebral Palsy, combined.

March 26th is Purple Day – a day dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy. On March 26th people in countries around the world are encouraged to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness.
How can you participate and celebrate?

Below are some ideas and suggestions:

  1. Set up an epilepsy information booth or presentation at a workplace, school, or community centre. We can help provide materials and speakers
  2. Host a purple clothing contest at your workplace or school. The person wearing the most purple wins a prize!
  3. Have a purple-themed food potluck or bake sale
  4. Display purple flowers or lavender with epilepsy information in your school or workplace
  5. Host a walk or fundraiser

Ideas for schools and child care centres:

  1. Read a book or play a DVD about epilepsy
  2. Play games using purple balloons or balls
  3. Host a seizure awareness workshop (the BC Epilepsy Society offers these for children)

Be sure to let us know what you are going to do and what you did! If you wish, we can advertise your event on through our website and social media pages.

We can also help you by providing resources and materials for free, such as information sheets, purple ribbons, pens, bracelets, seizure first aid wallet cards, and stickers. For more info or assistance, email us at purpleday@bcepilepsy.com or call 604-875-6704.

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