Epilepsy in the Holiday Season

Epilepsy in the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be delightful but can also be stressful. I know that I feel that way sometimes as a person living with epilepsy. To help me have a safe and healthy holiday season, here is what I do:

(1) I keep aware of my potential triggers: Holiday parties can be full of potential triggers for people living with epilepsy, which you can find out more about here. My triggers during holiday parties would be stress and alcohol as well as changes my schedule that can cause me to forget to take my medication or not get enough sleep. Some things I consider is opting to virtually attend some functions, shopping for holiday presents online to avoid the stress of crowded malls, and bringing my own holiday mocktails to gatherings so that I don’t feel pressured to drink alcohol.

(2) I take a buddy: I always make sure that someone is at any event that I attend that knows seizure first aid and my own seizure safety plan. If I’m ever unsure if the people around me are aware of how to help me in the event of a seizure, I always print a copy of the instructions and just give it to the party host discreetly.

(3) I don’t feel discouraged about enjoying the holidays because of my epilepsy: The holiday season is a time to be thankful for the positives in our lives. Sometimes my epilepsy may mean that I have to be flexible in my holiday plans, like getting a ride from someone or taking public transit to get to an event or bringing my own holiday mocktails so that I don’t feel pressured to drink alcohol but I always try to remember that my epilepsy doesn’t stop me from having a fantastic holiday season.

What are the ways you try to have a safe and healthy holiday season? I’d love to know!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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